FinTech - IT Support & Consultancy for Financial Firms



This boutique division of Twisted Fish has become the go to place for financial firms looking to achieve security, compliancy and efficiency from their IT estate.

This division only works with clients in the financial markets. Moreover, we only work with clients who fit our tight criteria and whom are serious about and committed to cyber security, data integrity and constant efficiency gains.

Yes, we're unashamedly selective about who we work with. Our business model and ultimate aim is not to become a large corporate provider of IT services. We are and will remain a highly selective IT and Cyber security company specialising in helping select, unique financial firms. We continue being the leading edge for our clients.

The only true finance market specialists

IT Support for the finance markets is what gave our business its original USP, Instant Support – SupportNOW™. Whilst everyone else promises to call you back within an SLA (they think 10 minutes is good), only we offer instant support to financial markets. We fully understand that seconds matter and we do not keep any customer waiting, regardless of the severity of their issue. We have a net promoter score of +97 which demonstrates that hundreds of our customers in the financial industry love what we do for them.

You might think your business fits into this category, however over many years we have realised that only around 2% of firms in the financial markets actually have what it takes to position security and efficiency seriously within their business and are willing to act accordingly. The majority are nowhere near committed enough and we don't work with these firms.

We'd love to talk to you about whether your firm can or does meet the standard required to gain ultimate support.

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