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Twisted Fish escalation guarantee


60-minute promise

93% of tickets that hit 1st line engineering are closed within 8 minutes. No ticket stays in 1st line for longer than 60 minutes. If a ticket is not resolved in 60 minutes, it is automatically escalated to 2nd line


60-minute promise

98% of tickets that hit 2nd line engineering are closed within 11 minutes. No ticket stays in 2nd line engineering for longer than 60 minutes. If a ticket is not resolved in 60 minutes, it is automatically escalated to 3rd line


Resolution promise

100% of tickets are closed in 3rd line support

Our vision and mission

The only IT company where customers do not wait for IT support. Simply call us and you are answered within 3 rings by a technical engineer who will help you, there and then. No waiting, no fuss.

We are experts in helping you get the most from your current infrastructure however, when you need to upgrade, our professional and trained procurement team can support you every step of the way, maximising investment value.

Whether you need some simple online backup or a large scale virtual environment we can easily and cost effectively help create the right solution for your business. Virtual Desktop can save you thousands, contact us now for more information.

We are the leaders in our field. Demonstrably no other IT business out there matches our service. Please challenge us on this

Our staff are actively focused and engaged daily in how happy our customers are and we measure this every day. Call us now for more information

We bring world class support and technology to all of our customers. Instant support used to be reserved for major institutions. Now we bring enterprise technology and world class support to businesses regardless of size

We analyse every support ticket, every week to look for trends and reoccurring issues. When your users call us, we already know why they are calling. Our proprietary software-ticketing system helps us know who your users are and why they call us, which in turn helps us actively drive down how often our clients need IT support

You can completely replace your phone system and just use Office 365 for all communications. Accessible from almost any device, any place